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The cable, umbilical or pipeline route survey involves a dedicated marine hydrographic survey using the route, confirming the route’s suitability and gathering the detailed information which enables the final route engineering to be undertaken.

Using the most advanced geophysical survey tools and equipment including echo sounders, side scan sonar, sub bottom profilers and magnetometers, we are able to determine the nature and topology of the seabed. By undertaking a geotechnical survey campaign, we then take samples to determine the geotechnical properties of the seabed. This enables us to optimize the cable route and recommend burial and cable protection measures to be taken. Our knowledge of how to plan and engineer for the practical aspects of a shore end or a connection to an offshore platform results in a better system solution for our customers.

BURIAL & EXCAVATION SURVEY: Our Route Engineering team provide a comprehensive range of services from desk top study, marine study and route engineering services to ensure the best and most cost effective subsea solution is found for your cable installation.

OFFSHORE SURVEY – POST BURIAL: "As Built" Surveys • Position and Anchor Plot Surveys • Mapping Survey; Post Lay Inspection & Burial minimizing risk and protecting the cable; Cable Protection.

AS-BUILTS, ANCHOR VERIFICATION & ANOMALY AVOIDANCE: Mitigating risk by engineered solutions for appropriate cable protection and burial.

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